Tuna (approx. 2,5 kg), 1 kg

Quantity: 1
260,00 Kn

KarlovaĨko Radler, 0,50 L x 24

Quantity: 1
333,60 Kn

Asbach Uralt, 0,7L

Quantity: 6
1.338,00 Kn

Jermann Where the Dreams, 0,75 L

Quantity: 1
600,80 Kn

Captain Morgan rum spiced, 0,70 L

Quantity: 1
111,90 Kn

Barton & Guestier Merlot, 0,75 L

Quantity: 1
73,60 Kn

Grand Sud Chardonnay, 1 L

Quantity: 1
66,80 Kn

Rosemount Estate GSM, 0,75 L

Quantity: 1
277,30 Kn
Total num. of products: 20
Price: 5.494,40 Kn

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